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Championing community and legalization

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In honor of Black History Month, we sat down with Amber Senter to talk about her newest business venture, Landrace Origins, where she sells specialty coffee and expertly pairs it with flower to enhance the flavors and experiences of both. In the first part of this series, she shared with us how she’s building inclusivity into every step of the supply chain and about what the coffee industry can teach us in cannabis. 

In this second and final installment, we’re talking to her again about how the company champions community, normalization, and legalization of the plant.


Landrace Origins’ coffee isn’t cannabis-infused, but you do sell small-batch, hyper-local flower. How does this affect your reach and your ability to bring the pairing experience to the larger population, especially in non-legal markets? 

The coffee allows us an opportunity to speak about enhancing experiences with cannabis sprinkled in. It gives us a lane to talk about cannabis in non-cannabis spaces. We’ve even gotten mainstream media talking about a cannabis brand. We have a unique chance to show people how to integrate cannabis into their daily lives and normalize the conversation around normalization and legalization. 
Being able to sell across the entire country sounds like a dream. What are you hearing from consumers in states without access to cannabis? 

While we can get coffee into the hands of consumers across the country, the same cannot be said for cannabis. In fact, there are additional factors to consider because assessability of certain strains can become limited for a variety of reasons, even in legalized markets. Given this, we include alternatives for those who may not have access to our recommended pairing. 

For example, in a recent eblast celebrating our blend 'Black Excellence' in honor of Black History Month, for those not in the Bay, we suggest pairing the blend with a strain that is myrcene and limonene dominant, to get closer to the flavor notes in the coffee. This is a great way to provide more value while also gaining consumer insight. Our patrons in other states are happy to share what stains they are using and the effects based on what they have access to. Overall, everyone is enjoying the experience! 

Do you think that by selling coffee as well as flower you’ve broadened your market and opened doors to conversations about normalization and legalization? 

Absolutely, enjoying a cup of coffee or cannabis for many is a sacred and intimate experience. We have worked to elevate that experience - waking and baking has been happening for years. What Landrace wanted to do was decipher what elements of coffee work best with what cannabis strains and bring that information to those who enjoy and seek a pairing experience. 

We’ve talked about how Landrace Origins’ vision is about much more than making money. What does success look like for you? What does championing community mean? 
I define success as doing our jobs well, making sure we deliver a high-quality product, creating an inclusive and diverse supply chain, and sharing the inspiring tales of our partners. A victory occurs each time a reviewer mentions us on social media or shares their experience with us. All of these aid in the growth of a thriving community and brand.

Are there any collaborations in your future?
We are working together with other cultivators and have several projects in the works. Additionally, community associations and businesses for coffee events. There are plans for a decaf blend as well. 



Try Landrace Origins for yourself by visiting their website at Friends of Vertosa can receive 15% off their order by using code: VERTOSA  until 2/28/23. 


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