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Liquid emulsion to infuse the world

Experience the ease of Vertosa's science-first approach to infusing beverages, gummies, and more. Our white-glove service ensures stability, consistency, and bioavailability in your product so you can focus on your business. 

Get Infused



Why liquid emulsion?

Vertosa emulsions unlock the potential of cannabinoids by transforming extracts into fast-acting, reliable, and stable ingredients that are easy to use in your existing manufacturing processes. Emulsions are created with the infused product innovator in mind. From cosmetics like a hemp-infused lotion or consumables like a cannabinoid-infused beverage or gummy, the possibilities are limitless. Experience the many benefits of our emulsion products.


Increased Bioavailability

With droplet sizes ranging from 20 to 400 nm, Vertosa’s emulsion offers exceptional bioavailability:

Onset time under 15 minutes

2x greater bioavailability than Lexaria TurboCBD

5x greater than GW Pharma Sativex

8x greater bioavailability than oil alone


Flexible & Versatile Ingredients

One size does not fit all. Unlike our competitors, we work closely with you to provide a unique solution that maximizes your priorities, including:

Flavor profile

Optical clarity 

Onset & Offset 

Consumer experience


Long-term Stability & Compatibility

We have tested the compatibility of our solutions rigorously across thousands of scenarios with variables including:

Ingredient bases

Packaging types

pH balances

Manufacturing processes

Preservation methods


Safety, Reliability, & Consistency

We ensure consistent and accurate potency and no contaminants or residues:

cGMP certified facility 

3rd-party testing on all inputs and outputs

Badge-Lab Tested


Want to try for yourself? 

Our fast-acting emulsions are the crème de la crème. Order a sample today to experience the difference.

Infuse The World.

Our proprietary emulsion process is so powerful, it helped pioneer an entire category of infused products that are shelf-stable, taste great, and deliver a consistent consumer experience.

With some amazing product capabilities currently available, we are still growing, expanding, and innovating to support our goal of infusing the world.


We support you,

from concept to customer.


Base Formulation

Send your “virgin” base formulas and specs to get things started and begin stability testing.

Vessel Type

We’ve worked with plastic, aluminum, glass, TetraPak, and more.

Vessel Type


Our team will work closely with you to deliver an ingredient customized for your product.


We’ve developed SOPs for various manufacturing and preservation processes.


Market Ready

Retail & Distribution

Rest assured that you’re bringing an efficacious and quality product to market.